Carol Libman's

Original Plays

Lies and Consequences

What happens when a long-held secret is secret no longer? Is "keeping it in the family" ever really justified?

Airport Tales

A light-hearted, entertaining, funny and above all human onstage "Road Movie" at 30,000 feet.  The indomitable Evalina, journeying back to the old homestead to celebrate her 90th birthday, battles - and conquers - security checks. seat-mate problems, lost luggage and a somewhat fraught family reunion.

A Very Different Place

Lost music dreams revealed in a turbulent, bittersweet, poignant and funny family reunion. 

A Life Beyond Doubt

While past and present meld into the present, six people's lives are woven together by the threads of life, loss and the ever present power of memory.

Who Killed Henry

A comedy and a puzzle in one entertaining package.  A night of glamour ends as tycoon Henry Jones raises one last glass in celebration to his bride-to-be….and keels over at the feet of his horrified fiancée.  Enter super-sleuth Marcus Peabody, and rest assured, justice will be served.

A Rare Day in June

When a cultural icon falls from grace, who pays the greatest price?

One Act plays - 3 minutes, 10 minutes….and more. Available on request.

Past Productions